GO Isotonic Energy Gel


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Testing Information: 

Science in Sport products are certified via the raw material testing, site certification, and blind testing protocol. Where ‘Test Date’ is specified below, this reflects the product manufacture date.


Science in Sport products are certified via the raw material testing, site certification, and blind testing protocol. Where ‘Test Date’ is specified below, this reflects the product manufacture date.

Manufacturer : Science in Sport


Supplement Type:Electrolyte(s)


Batch Test

Batch Id Flavour Batch Expiration Test Date
ID F6312 Lemon & Lime 28-Feb-18 23-Dec-16
ID F6319 Lemon & Lime 28-Feb-18 23-Dec-16
ID F6326 Pink Grapefruit 28-Feb-18 23-Dec-16
ID F6333 Apple 28-Feb-18 23-Dec-16
ID F6333 Blackcurrant 28-Feb-18 13-Jan-17
ID F6334 Blackcurrant 28-Feb-18 23-Dec-16
ID F6335 Tropical 28-Feb-18 23-Dec-16
ID F6350 Apple 31-Mar-18 13-Jan-17
ID F7003 Blackcurrant 30-Apr-18 05-Jan-17
ID F7003 / F7004 Pineapple 30-Apr-18 05-Jan-17
ID F7004 Orange 30-Apr-18 06-Jan-17
ID F7004 Tropical 30-Apr-18 05-Jan-17
ID F7004 Blackcurrant 30-Apr-18 06-Jan-17
ID F7006 Apple 30-Apr-18 09-Jan-17
ID F7006 Blackcurrant 30-Apr-18 11-Jan-17
ID F7012 Lemon & Lime 30-Apr-18 16-Jan-17
ID F7012/F7013 Orange 30-Apr-18 16-Jan-17
ID F7013 Pineapple 30-Apr-18 16-Jan-17
ID F7013 Pink Grapefruit 30-Apr-18 16-Jan-17
ID F7023 Orange 30-Apr-18 25-Jan-17
ID F7023 Pineapple 30-Apr-18 24-Jan-17
ID F7023 Pink Grapefruit 30-Apr-18 24-Jan-17
ID F7023 Tropical 30-Apr-18 24-Jan-17
ID F7023/F7024 Apple 30-Apr-18 25-Jan-17
ID F7024 Blackcurrant 30-Apr-18 26-Jan-17
ID F7024 Lemon & Lime 30-Apr-18 25-Jan-17
ID F7037 Apple 31-May-18 08-Feb-17
ID F7037/F7038 Pink Grapefruit 31-May-18 08-Feb-17
ID F7038 Pineapple 31-May-18 08-Feb-17
ID F7038 Blackcurrant 31-May-18 09-Feb-17
ID F7038/F7039 Tropical 31-May-18 09-Feb-17
ID F7039/F7040 Orange 31-May-18 10-Feb-17
ID F7040 Lemon & Lime 31-May-18 10-Feb-17
ID F7045 Orange 31-May-18 16-Feb-17
ID F7045/F7046 Apple 31-May-18 16-Feb-17
ID F7046 Pineapple 31-May-18 17-Feb-17
ID F7046 Tropical 31-May-18 16-Feb-17
ID F7046 Blackcurrant 31-May-18 17-Feb-17
ID F7046 Lemon & Lime 31-May-18 16-Feb-17
ID F7046/F7047 Pink Grapefruit 31-May-18 17-Feb-17
ID F7058/F7059 Orange 31-May-18 01-Mar-17
ID F7059 Apple 31-May-18 02-Mar-17
ID F7059/F7060 Tropical 31-May-18 02-Mar-17
ID F7060 Lemon & Lime 30-Jun-18 03-Mar-17
ID F7065 Orange 30-Jun-18 08-Mar-17
ID F7065/F7066 Blackcurrant 30-Jun-18 09-Mar-17
ID F7066/F7067 Apple 30-Jun-18 09-Mar-17
ID F7067 Tropical 30-Jun-18 09-Mar-17
ID F7067 Lemon & Lime 30-Jun-18 09-Mar-17
ID F7072 Apple 30-Jun-18 15-Mar-17
ID F7072 Lemon & Lime 30-Jun-18 15-Mar-17
ID F7072/F7073 Tropical 30-Jun-18 15-Mar-17
ID F7073 Orange 30-Jun-18 16-Mar-17
ID F7073/F7074 Blackcurrant 30-Jun-18 16-Mar-17
ID F7074 Pineapple 30-Jun-18 16-Mar-17
ID F7081 Lemon & Lime 30-Jun-18 24-Mar-17
ID F7081/F7082 Pineapple 30-Jun-18 24-Mar-17
ID F7082 Pink Grapefruit 30-Jun-18 27-Mar-17
ID F7082 Tropical 30-Jun-18 27-Mar-17
ID F7082 Apple 30-Jun-18 28-Mar-17
ID F7082 Blackcurrant 30-Jun-18 27-Mar-17
ID F7082/F7083 Orange 30-Jun-18 27-Mar-17
ID F7083 Lemon & Lime 30-Jun-18 27-Mar-17
ID F7083/F7085/F7086 Orange 30-Jun-18 28-Mar-17
ID F7086 Orange 30-Jun-18 29-Mar-17
ID F7086 Pineapple 30-Jun-18 28-Mar-17
ID F7086 Pink Grapefruit 30-Jun-18 29-Mar-17
ID F7086 Tropical 30-Jun-18 29-Mar-17
ID F7086/F7087 Apple 30-Jun-18 29-Mar-17
ID F7087 Blackcurrant 30-Jun-18 29-Mar-17
ID F7093 Pineapple 31-Jul-18 05-Apr-17
ID F7093 Tropical 31-Jul-18 05-Apr-17
ID F7093/F7094 Apple 31-Jul-18 05-Apr-17
ID F7094 Orange 31-Jul-18 05-Apr-17
ID F7094 Blackcurrant 31-Jul-18 05-Apr-17
ID F7094 Lemon & Lime 31-Jul-18 06-Apr-17
ID F7094/F7095 Pink Grapefruit 31-Jul-18 06-Apr-17
ID F7099/F7100 Apple 31-Jul-18 11-Apr-17
ID F7100 Orange 31-Jul-18 12-Apr-17
ID F7100 Pink Grapefruit 31-Jul-18 12-Apr-17
ID F7100/F7101 Tropical 31-Jul-18 12-Apr-17
ID F7101 Pineapple 31-Jul-18 13-Apr-17
ID F7101 Tropical 31-Jul-18 13-Apr-17
ID F7101 & F7102 Blackcurrant 31-Jul-18 13-Apr-17
ID F7102 Lemon & Lime 31-Jul-18 18-Apr-17
ID F7102 Orange 31-Jul-18 18-Apr-17
ID F7114 Lemon & Lime 31-Jul-18 25-Apr-17
ID F7114 Apple 31-Jul-18 26-Apr-17
ID F7114/F7115 Orange 31-Jul-18 27-Apr-17
ID F7115/F7116 Blackcurrant 31-Jul-18 27-Apr-17
ID F7122 Orange 31-Aug-18 04-May-17
ID F7122 Tropical 31-Aug-18 04-May-17
ID F7122/F7123 Pink Grapefruit 31-Aug-18 04-May-17
ID F7123 Pineapple 31-Aug-18 05-May-17
ID F7123 Apple 31-Aug-18 04-May-17
ID F7123 Blackcurrant 31-Aug-18 05-May-17
ID F7123/F7124 Lemon & Lime 31-Aug-18 05-May-17
ID F7129 Orange 31-Aug-18 11-May-17
ID F7129 Blackcurrant 31-Aug-18 11-May-17
ID F7131/F7132 Tropical 31-Aug-18 15-May-17
ID F7137/F7138 Pineapple 31-Aug-18 19-May-17
ID F7138 Tropical 31-Aug-18 22-May-17
ID F7138/F7139 Apple 31-Aug-18 22-May-17
ID F7139 Pink Grapefruit 31-Aug-18 22-May-17
ID F7139/F7142 Blackcurrant 31-Aug-18 23-May-17
ID F7142 Tropical 31-Aug-18 24-May-17
ID F7142/F7143 Orange 31-Aug-18 24-May-17
ID F7143 Lemon & Lime 31-Aug-18 24-May-17
ID F7143 Blackcurrant 31-Aug-18 25-May-17
ID F7150 Lemon & Lime 31-Aug-18 31-May-17
ID F7150 Orange 31-Aug-18 01-Jun-17
ID F7150 Tropical 31-Aug-18 01-Jun-17
ID F7150/F7151 Blackcurrant 31-Aug-18 01-Jun-17
ID F7151 Pineapple 31-Aug-18 01-Jun-17
ID F7151 Pink Grapefruit 31-Aug-18 01-Jun-17
ID F7156 Apple 30-Sep-18 07-Jun-17
ID F7157 Blackcurrant 30-Sep-18 07-Jun-17
ID F7157/F7158 Orange 30-Sep-18 08-Jun-17
ID F7158 Lemon & Lime 30-Sep-18 08-Jun-17
ID F7158 Pineapple 30-Sep-18 09-Jun-17
ID F7158 Tropical 30-Sep-18 09-Jun-17
ID F7158/F7159 Pink Grapefruit 30-Sep-18 09-Jun-17
ID F7163 Lemon & Lime 30-Sep-18 14-Jun-17
ID F7163 Orange 30-Sep-18 13-Jun-17
ID F7163 Tropical 30-Sep-18 14-Jun-17
ID F7163 Apple 30-Sep-18 14-Jun-17
ID F7163 Blackcurrant 30-Sep-18 13-Jun-17
ID F7168/F7170 Blackcurrant 30-Sep-18 21-Jun-17
ID F7170 Apple 30-Sep-18 21-Jun-17
ID F7170/F7171 Lemon & Lime 30-Sep-18 21-Jun-17
ID F7171 Orange 30-Sep-18 22-Jun-17
ID F7172 Tropical 30-Sep-18 22-Jun-17
ID F7178 Tropical 30-Sep-18 29-Jun-17
ID F7178/F7179 Orange 30-Sep-18 29-Jun-17
ID F7179 Pink Grapefruit 30-Sep-18 29-Jun-17
ID F7180 Pineapple 30-Sep-18 03-Jul-17
ID F7187 Orange 31-Oct-18 10-Jul-17
ID F7191 Pink Grapefruit 31-Oct-18 12-Jul-17
ID F7191/F7192 Pineapple 31-Oct-18 12-Jul-17
ID F7192 Lemon & Lime 31-Oct-18 13-Jul-17
ID F7192 Apple 31-Oct-18 12-Jul-17
ID F7192 Blackcurrant 31-Oct-18 12-Jul-17
ID F7192/F7193 Orange 31-Oct-18 13-Jul-17
ID F7200 Tropical 31-Oct-18 21-Jul-17
ID F7200/F7201 Blackcurrant 31-Oct-18 21-Jul-17
ID F7201 Lemon & Lime 31-Oct-18 21-Jul-17
ID F7201 Apple 31-Oct-18 21-Jul-17
ID F7201/F7202 Orange 31-Oct-18 24-Jul-17
ID F7204/F7205 Blackcurrant 31-Oct-18 25-Jul-17
ID F7205 Orange 31-Oct-18 26-Jul-17
ID F7205 Pineapple 31-Oct-18 26-Jul-17
ID F7205 Pink Grapefruit 31-Oct-18 25-Jul-17
ID F7208 Lemon & Lime 31-Oct-18 31-Jul-17
ID F7213/F7214 Orange 30-Nov-18 03-Aug-17
ID F7214 Pink Grapefruit 30-Nov-18 04-Aug-17
ID F7214 Apple 30-Nov-18 04-Aug-17
ID F7214 Blackcurrant 30-Nov-18 03-Aug-17
ID F7214/F7215 Tropical 30-Nov-18 04-Aug-17
ID F7215/F7216 Blackcurrant 30-Nov-18 08-Aug-17
ID F7222 Lemon & Lime 30-Nov-18 14-Aug-17
ID F7222/F7223 Orange 30-Nov-18 14-Aug-17
ID F7226 Pineapple 30-Nov-18 15-Aug-17
ID F7226 Pink Grapefruit 30-Nov-18 15-Aug-17
ID F7226 Tropical 30-Nov-18 16-Aug-17
ID F7226 Blackcurrant 30-Nov-18 16-Aug-17
ID F7227 Apple 30-Nov-18 17-Aug-17
ID F7233/F7234 Lemon & Lime 30-Nov-18 23-Aug-17
ID F7234 Orange 30-Nov-18 24-Aug-17
ID F7234 Pineapple 30-Nov-18 23-Aug-17
ID F7234 Pink Grapefruit 30-Nov-18 23-Aug-17
ID F7234 Apple 30-Nov-18 23-Aug-17
ID F7235 Tropical 30-Nov-18 25-Aug-17
ID F7248 Blackcurrant 31-Dec-18 07-Sep-17
ID F7248/F7249 Lemon & Lime 31-Dec-18 07-Sep-17
ID F7249 Orange 31-Dec-18 08-Sep-17
ID F7249 Pineapple 31-Dec-18 08-Sep-17
ID F7249 Pink Grapefruit 31-Dec-18 08-Sep-17
ID F7254 Lemon & Lime 31-Dec-18 13-Sep-17
ID F7254 Tropical 31-Dec-18 13-Sep-17
ID F7254/F7255 Blackcurrant 31-Dec-18 13-Sep-17
ID F7255 Orange 31-Dec-18 14-Sep-17
ID F7255 Pineapple 31-Dec-18 14-Sep-17
ID F7255/F7256 Cherry 31-Dec-18 14-Sep-17
ID F7256 Chocolate 31-Dec-18 14-Sep-17
ID F7262 Orange 31-Dec-18 20-Sep-17
ID F7268/F7269 Blackcurrant 31-Dec-18 27-Sep-17
ID F7269 Orange 31-Dec-18 28-Sep-17
ID F7269/F7270 Tropical 31-Dec-18 28-Sep-17
ID F7270 Lemon & Lime 31-Dec-18 28-Sep-17
ID F7270/F7271 Pink Grapefruit 31-Dec-18 29-Sep-17
ID F7271 Pineapple 31-Dec-18 29-Sep-17
ID F7271 Apple 31-Dec-18 02-Oct-17
ID F7271/F7272 Cherry 31-Dec-18 02-Oct-17
ID F7272 Chocolate 31-Dec-18 02-Oct-17
ID F7276 Orange 31-Jan-19 05-Oct-17
ID F7281/F7282 Apple 31-Jan-19 10-Oct-17
ID F7282 Lemon & Lime 31-Jan-19 10-Oct-17
ID F7282 Tropical 31-Jan-19 11-Oct-17
ID F7282/F7283 Blackcurrant 31-Jan-19 11-Oct-17
ID F7283 Orange 31-Jan-19 12-Oct-17
ID F7283 Pineapple 31-Jan-19 12-Oct-17
ID F7283 Pink Grapefruit 31-Jan-19 12-Oct-17
ID F7284 Cherry 31-Jan-19 12-Oct-17
ID F7284 Chocolate 31-Jan-19 12-Oct-17
ID F7286 Apple 31-Jan-19 16-Oct-17
ID F7296 Lemon & Lime 31-Jan-19 26-Oct-17
ID F7296/F7297 Blackcurrant 31-Jan-19 25-Oct-17
ID F7297 Pink Grapefruit 31-Jan-19 26-Oct-17
ID F7297 Apple 31-Jan-19 25-Oct-17
ID F7297/F7298 Cherry 31-Jan-19 26-Oct-17
ID F7298 Tropical 31-Jan-19 27-Oct-17
ID F7298 Chocolate 31-Jan-19 26-Oct-17
ID F7298/F7299 Orange 31-Jan-19 27-Oct-17
ID F7299 Pineapple 31-Jan-19 27-Oct-17
ID F7306 Tropical 28-Feb-19 03-Nov-17
ID F7306/F7307 Blackcurrant 28-Feb-19 06-Nov-17
ID F7307/F7309/F7310 Lemon & Lime 28-Feb-19 07-Nov-17
ID F7311/F7312 Orange 28-Feb-19 10-Nov-17
ID F7312 Apple 28-Feb-19 10-Nov-17
ID F7313 Pineapple 28-Feb-19 13-Nov-17
ID F7313 Pink Grapefruit 28-Feb-19 13-Nov-17
ID F7313 Tropical 28-Feb-19 10-Nov-17
ID F7316/F7317/F7318 Orange 28-Feb-19 14-Nov-17
ID F7318/F7319 Tropical 28-Feb-19 16-Nov-17
ID F7319 Blackcurrant 28-Feb-19 17-Nov-17
ID F7319/F7320 Apple 28-Feb-19 17-Nov-17
ID F7320 Lemon & Lime 28-Feb-19 20-Nov-17
ID F7324 Cherry 28-Feb-19 22-Nov-17
ID F7324 Chocolate 28-Feb-19 22-Nov-17
ID F7338/F7339 Orange 31-Mar-19 06-Dec-17
ID F7339 Tropical 31-Mar-19 07-Dec-17
ID F7339/F7340 Pineapple 31-Mar-19 07-Dec-17
ID F7340 Lemon & Lime 31-Mar-19 07-Dec-17
ID F7340 Pink Grapefruit 31-Mar-19 07-Dec-17
ID F7340/F7341 Blackcurrant 31-Mar-19 08-Dec-17
ID F7348/F7349 Apple 31-Mar-19 18-Dec-17
ID F7349 Lemon & Lime 31-Mar-19 18-Dec-17
ID F7352 Apple 31-Mar-19 20-Dec-17
ID F7352/F7353 Lemon & Lime 31-Mar-19 20-Dec-17
ID F7353 Tropical 31-Mar-19 20-Dec-17
ID F7353/F7354 Orange 31-Mar-19 22-Dec-17
ID F7353/F7354 Blackcurrant 31-Mar-19 21-Dec-17
ID F7354 Cherry 31-Mar-19 22-Dec-17
ID F7354/F7355 Chocolate 31-Mar-19 22-Dec-17
ID F8014/F8015 Pink Grapefruit 30-Apr-19 16-Jan-18
ID F8015 Orange 30-Apr-19 17-Jan-18
ID F8015/F8016 Apple 30-Apr-19 17-Jan-18
ID F8016 Tropical 30-Apr-19 18-Jan-18
ID F8016/F8017 Lemon & Lime 30-Apr-19 18-Jan-18
ID F8017 Blackcurrant 30-Apr-19 19-Jan-18
ID F8017 Chocolate 30-Apr-19 19-Jan-18
ID F8017/F8018 Cherry 30-Apr-19 19-Jan-18
ID F8018 Pineapple 30-Apr-19 19-Jan-18
ID F8029/F8030 Orange 30-Apr-19 31-Jan-18
ID F8030 Lemon & Lime 30-Apr-19 01-Feb-18
ID F8030/F8031 Blackcurrant 30-Apr-19 02-Feb-18
ID F8039 Pink Grapefruit 31-May-19 12-Feb-18
ID F8039/F8040 Pineapple 31-May-19 12-Feb-18
ID F8044/F8045/F8046 Tropical 31-May-19 16-Feb-18