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Spanish Brand Crown Sport Nutrition Certifies 3 Products

Crown Sport Nutrition has become one of the first Spanish brands to join Informed-Sport, having certified three products from its protein and carbohydrates range on to the global banned substance testing programme.

STATEMENT: Protein Lab abuse of Informed-Sport logo

It has come to the attention of LGC that sports nutrition brand The Protein Lab has used the Informed-Sport logo on products that are not certified.

LGC can confirm that The Protein Lab does not have any products certified on the Informed-Sport programme. Actions have been put in place by LGC to address this logo misuse, and The Protein Lab has been instructed to immediately cease retailing products wrongfully carrying the Informed-Sport logo.

LGC hosts iNADO international anti-doping conference

LGC hosts iNado conference

(Fordham, Nov. 18, 2016)  International science group LGC has co-hosted a two-day conference on the Athlete Biological Passport (ABP) in support of the Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations (iNADO). The conference was co-ordinated by iNADO for the world’s anti-doping community and took place on Nov. 16-17 at LGC’s facilities in Fordham, one of the LGC sites that conducts analysis for supplements testing and equine doping control.



United Kingdom

4Excelsior attains the Informed-Sport international supplement manufacturing certification

 4Excelsior, a contact manufacturer of dietary supplements and sports nutrition products attains the international sports nutrition manufacturing certification Informed-Choice, to provide additional quality assurance to supplement brands looking to manufacturing sports nutritional products.

Australian Supplements Survey Highlights Need for Testing

A survey of targeted sports supplements available in Australia has revealed that 19% contained substances banned in sport, while results from two of the products indicated a potential risk to health and the likelihood of the consumer failing an anti-doping test.

The survey was conducted by international anti-doping laboratory LGC on products that did not claim to undergo regular banned substance testing, and the aim was to assess the risk to athletes and the general consumer.

Informed-Sport welcomes Muscle Food

muscle food informed sport

Nutritional protein powders given seal of approval


A retailer loved by some of Britain’s best known athletes and sports stars has launched a super clean range of supplements in response to recent doping scandals. The launch of the Elite+ range from comes after high profile stars have claimed they’ve taken banned substances without realising it. It’s feared that protein supplements taken by sports stars could fall foul of ever more stringent doping rules.


new informed-sport website

LGC’s global quality assurance programme Informed-Sport is pleased to announce the launch of its new and fully-featured website The new site has enhanced search features and extensive content that will serve as a vital resource for athletes and consumers.

Informed-Sport’s new website is designed to assist athletes, exercise enthusiasts and armed forces members in selecting sports supplements that have been screened for substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).  

Informed-Sport Partners with iNADO

Informed-Sport Partners with iNADO

LGC has signed a two-year partnership with the Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations (iNADO) to further promote global sports nutrition testing programme Informed-Sport to the world’s sports and anti-doping community. 

Informed-Sport certifies 14 INC Sports Nutrition products

Informed-Sport Certifies 14 INC Sports Nutrition Products

LGC announced today that INC Sports Nutrition, exclusive to its new educational partner Chemist Warehouse, has recently certified 14 sports nutrition products on its globally-recognised banned substance testing programme, Informed-Sport.