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Manufacturer : PVL


Supplement Type:Recovery Formula


Batch Test

Batch Id Flavour Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 42879 Fruit Punch 30-Apr-19 07-Jul-16
ID 43300 Fruit Punch 30-Jun-19 07-Jul-16
ID 44643 Fruit Punch 30-Nov-19 28-Nov-16
ID 44861 Fruit Punch 31-Dec-19 15-May-17
ID 45697 Fruit Punch 31-Mar-20 29-Mar-17
ID 46089 Fruit Punch 31-May-20 22-May-17
ID 46356 Fruit Punch 30-Jun-20 27-Jun-17
ID 46734 Fruit Punch 31-Jul-20 21-Nov-17
ID 47760 Fruit Punch 31-Oct-20 05-Jan-18
ID 48277 Fruit Punch 31-Jan-21 04-Jan-18