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Manufacturer : Isagenix


Supplement Type:


Batch Test

Batch Id Flavour Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 011406617 Cherry Berry 28-Feb-19 09-Jun-17
ID 031404717 Cherry Berry 31-Mar-19 21-Jul-17
ID 036900117 Berry 28-Feb-19 16-Mar-17
ID 036900217 Berry 28-Feb-19 20-Mar-17
ID 036900417 Berry 31-Mar-19 23-Mar-17
ID 048900316 A Cherry Berry 30-Apr-18 16-Sep-16
ID 051401017 Cherry Berry 30-Jun-19 20-Jul-17
ID 051404317 Cherry Berry 31-Jul-19 05-Oct-17
ID 051404417 Cherry Berry 30-Jun-19 17-Jul-17
ID 061406517 Cherry Berry 31-Aug-19 28-Aug-17
ID 071400417 Cherry Berry 31-Jul-19 17-Jul-17
ID 081402617 Cherry Berry 30-Sep-19 16-Jan-18
ID 081403016 Cherry Berry 30-Sep-18 09-Mar-17
ID 086900517 Berry 31-Aug-19 11-Aug-17
ID 091404317 Cherry Berry 31-Oct-19 09-Nov-17
ID 101404017 Cherry Berry 31-Oct-19 09-Nov-17
ID 101404117 Cherry Berry 30-Nov-19 12-Dec-17
ID 121400117 Cherry Berry 30-Nov-19 22-Jan-18