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Certified Product Brands

Companies listed on this page have products certified with Informed-Sport. Click on the appropriate logo to be redirected to their list of Informed-Sport certified products.

Please note that not all companies have their entire product range certified with Informed-Sport. Click on the Certified Products List (below) to see which products are certified or to view the specific batches of products that have been tested with Informed-Sport please use the search function. 

certified product list

Products appearing on the Informed-Sport Tested Product List have been tested for a broad range of substances that are banned in sport, using highly sensitive techniques. Within the limitations of the analysis, none of the listed drugs were found (for further information on the test details, visit the Testing Specification page).

Athletes should use Informed-Sport as part of their risk management strategy when choosing which supplement products to use. They can be sure that products bearing the Informed-Sport logo have passed a rigorous certification process and are made to the highest quality standards.

Only the certified products shown on the Informed-Sport Tested Product List should bear the Informed-Sport logo. Please contact us immediately if you have any product bearing the Informed-Sport logo that is not listed.



Maxinutrition Healthspan Elite Etixx MyProtein PROAthlete
Science in Sport INC Nutrition X GNC_logo_4.png EQ
Pure Warrior Grenade Kinetica Musashi_CMYK_0.png
Swisse Logo_CMYK_0.png MSC Nutrition Herbalife EFX Sports logo_0.png BSC
Bulk Powders ARIIX_Logo_Gold (2).png 11878971_686400361493215_1363066116421238540_o_0.jpg Informed-Sport Glukos
Twinlab PI-logo-color-tagline-800px_0.jpg SS_LOGO_MASTER_BLACK_0.png usn lucozade
DesignerProtein_Logo-wpcf_300x164 (1).jpg Tesco_Logo.svg.png Spatone logo.png SUPP24 Logo zwart_0.jpg MakoXCell
Proto-col Biogen BokPulse Arbonne_InformedSport Applied Nutrition_new.png
JBC ISOWHEY-SPORTS-LOGO-CYMK_0.JPG MFLOGO_0.jpg Logo-Crown-Sport-Nutrition-WEB_0.png Lectinect_hovedlogo-farge_highres.jpg
BioSteel Beet It oralIV.png Smartfish_Nutrition_Norway_1.png peak logo dark background_1.jpg
sierrasil_0.png Rapid Immunotec logo (1).png LuckyFit_Logo_0.png final_iron_vegan_logo_0.png
Gentec betteryou.png Best 4 sports Logo-2_1.jpg Zinzino
SOE-Logo-81x80.jpg Sunvit NamedSport_0.png jym-logo .png
Science Fitness Sciemix Zinmag Nucleotide edge-logo-trans.png
Xendurance immiflex_1.png iPro GBRNutrition_1.png elete
EGO Little Dragon GHP Sport glc2000uk-logo.jpg Stronvivo
Liftag Oral IV SOS Pepto Pro fittime.png
Macuhealth Razorwire Sound Probiotics 2.png Pepto Sport Phizz_IS-(120x70px)_0.png
IC dioxyme logo 1_0.png Enu Revvies AthlonRub_logo_15066.png Go Time Performance Energy Logo_1.png
xtreme formulations_0.png New Earth PharmacoNutrition logo_RGB.JPG Advance Biotics
CNC + CleanProtein (Transparent)-01_0.png Cherry Active logo_2.png calanushelse_staaende_cmyk_0.png katsuoStamina LOGO-0109-01.jpg
navia_logo (1).jpg YSN on White_1.png proxo


Please note: Analytical results only apply to the portion of the batch of product tested and should be regarded as an assessment of the likelihood of contamination in the remainder of the batch. Prospective users of any listed product should be aware that inclusion on the Informed-Sport website is not a 100% guarantee that the use of the product will not result in a positive urine/blood doping test (see FAQ for further information about this). Ultimate responsibility lies with the user and this should be considered by anyone choosing to use nutritional supplements.