Omni MX Hardcore


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Manufacturer : SCI-MX


Supplement Type:Protein(s) (Animal-Based)


Batch Test

Batch Id Flavour Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 1601175279 Chocolate 28-Feb-18 19-Feb-16
ID 1603176932 Banoffee 30-Apr-18 11-Apr-16
ID 1603176933 Chocolate 30-Apr-18 11-Apr-16
ID 1603176934 Strawberry 31-Mar-18 05-Apr-16
ID 1603176935 Banoffee 30-Apr-18 07-Apr-16
ID 1603176936 Chocolate 30-Apr-18 12-Apr-16
ID 1603176937 Strawberry 30-Apr-18 06-Apr-16
ID 1604177167 Chocolate 31-May-18 20-May-16
ID 1604177168 Strawberry 31-May-18 20-May-16
ID 1604177169 Vanilla 30-Jun-18 18-Oct-17
ID 1604177170 Chocolate 30-Jun-18 07-Jun-16
ID 1604177171 Strawberry 31-May-18 26-May-16
ID 1605177917 Vanilla 30-Jun-18 15-Jun-16
ID 1605177918 Vanilla 30-Jun-18 15-Jun-16
ID 1605178221 Strawberry 30-Jun-18 07-Jun-16
ID 1606178642 Strawberry 30-Jun-18 13-Jul-16
ID 1606178644 Strawberry 30-Jun-18 15-Jun-16
ID 1606178756 Chocolate 30-Jun-18 13-Jul-16
ID 1606179009 Chocolate 31-Jul-18 07-Jul-16
ID 1609180861 Banoffee 31-Oct-18 19-Oct-16
ID 1609180862 Chocolate 31-Oct-18 27-Oct-16
ID 1609180863 Banoffee 31-Oct-18 24-Oct-16
ID 1609180864 Chocolate 31-Oct-18 19-Oct-16
ID 1610182002 Chocolate 31-Oct-18 26-Oct-16
ID 1611182858 Strawberry 30-Nov-18 25-Nov-16
ID 1611182902 Chocolate 31-Dec-18 16-Dec-16
ID 1611182903 Strawberry 31-Dec-18 14-Dec-16
ID 1611182904 Chocolate 31-Dec-18 15-Dec-16
ID 1611182905 Strawberry 31-Dec-18 15-Dec-16
ID 1703185835 Chocolate 30-Apr-19 13-Apr-17
ID 1703185836 Vanilla 30-Apr-19 12-Apr-17
ID 1703185837 Chocolate 30-Apr-19 25-Apr-17
ID 1703185838 Vanilla 30-Apr-19 12-Apr-17
ID 1704187439 Chocolate 30-Apr-19 28-Apr-17
ID 1705189502 Strawberry 30-Jun-19 28-Jun-17
ID 1705189574 Chocolate 31-Aug-19 01-Sep-17
ID 1707191152 Chocolate 31-Aug-19 31-Aug-17
ID 1707191153 Vanilla 31-Aug-19 25-Aug-17
ID 1712195738 Strawberry 31-Jan-20 05-Jan-18
ID 1712195739 Strawberry 31-Jan-20 05-Jan-18