Products on the Informed-Sport program go through a rigorous registration process and every batch is tested prior to release for sale for a wide variety of banned substances.

Supplement Type Program
Lectinect Mage Digestive Aid/Probiotic/Prebiotic
Kick-Start Caffeine Energy
Immunocal Platinum Protein(s) (Animal-Based)
Immunocal Protein(s) (Animal-Based)
GO Hydro Electrolyte(s)
Quercetin & Green Tea Antioxidant(s)
Protein Milk Extreme Protein(s) (Animal-Based)
Critical Whey Protein(s) (Animal-Based)
Casein Sustain Protein(s) (Animal-Based)
Sport Elite Jelly Beans Energy
PlaySense for Her Energy
Rapid Red Protein(s) (Animal-Based)
Pur-Absorb Minerals
Kinetica Protein+ Protein(s) (Animal-Based)
strength surge Recovery Formula
Beta-Power Recovery Formula
Beta Alanine Slow Release Amino Acid(s)
INC Protein Mousse Protein(s) (Animal-Based)
Performance Cherry Antioxidant(s)
CLA Refine 1,000mg Amino Acid(s)
BCAA Amino-Hydrate Amino Acid(s)
Sound Probiotics Sport Digestive Aid/Probiotic/Prebiotic
Spark by Boomer Energy
Playsense for Him Energy
Totum Sport Electrolyte(s)
Green Magic Antioxidant(s)
MET-Rx BCAA Amino Acid(s)
MET-Rx Hardcore L-Glutamine 500mg Amino Acid(s)
Cytofuse Protein(s) (Animal-Based)
Muscle Machine Mass Protein(s) (Animal-Based)
Muscle Machine Lean Protein(s) (Animal-Based)
Little Dragon Extreme Pre-Workout Shot Energy
Extreme Endurance Minerals
MET-Rx L-Glutamine Powder Amino Acid(s)
MET-Rx Pure Creatine 700mg Creatine
MET-Rx Trulean Diet Protein(s) (Animal-Based)
MET-Rx Supreme Whey Protein(s) (Animal-Based)
Stronvivo Minerals
Synoflex Minerals
AGF-2 Amino Acid(s)
Performance Greens Minerals
Amino BCAA Fuel Amino Acid(s)
CR7 Drive Acai Berry Flavour Energy
Pure Warrior 100% WPI Protein(s) (Animal-Based)
Pure Warrior Extreme Whey Protein(s) (Animal-Based)
Pure Warrior Extreme Shape Protein(s) (Animal-Based)
Pure Warrior Extreme Bulk Protein(s) (Animal-Based)
Pure Warrior Extreme Burn Protein(s) (Animal-Based)
Oats & Whey Flapjack Protein(s) (Animal-Based)