MET-Rx Supreme Whey


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Manufacturer : Met-Rx


Supplement Type:Protein(s) (Animal-Based)


Batch Test

Batch Id Flavour Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 098932-01A Strawberry 28-Feb-18 11-Feb-16
ID 098932-01B Strawberry 28-Feb-18 11-Feb-16
ID 098936-01A Vanilla 28-Feb-18 11-Feb-16
ID 099124-01A Strawberry 28-Feb-18 18-Feb-16
ID 099125-01A Chocolate 28-Feb-18 18-Feb-16
ID 099127-01A Chocolate 28-Feb-18 23-Feb-16
ID 099569-01A Chocolate 28-Feb-18 07-Mar-16
ID 099578-01A Strawberry 28-Feb-18 07-Mar-16
ID 099995-01A Strawberry 31-Mar-18 29-Mar-16
ID 099997-01A Strawberry 31-Mar-18 24-Mar-16
ID 099997-01B Strawberry 31-Mar-18 24-Mar-16
ID 100314-01A Vanilla 30-Apr-18 22-Apr-16
ID 100584-01A Strawberry 30-Apr-18 20-Apr-16
ID 100586-01A Chocolate 30-Apr-18 20-Apr-16
ID 100587-01A Vanilla 30-Apr-18 20-Apr-16
ID 100588-01A Chocolate 30-Apr-18 20-Apr-16
ID 101278-01A Vanilla 31-May-18 18-May-16
ID 101278-01B Vanilla 31-May-18 18-May-16
ID 102974-01A Chocolate 31-Aug-18 15-Aug-16
ID 102978-01A Chocolate 31-Aug-18 15-Aug-16
ID 102979-01A Chocolate 31-Aug-18 15-Aug-16
ID 103000-01A Strawberry 31-Aug-18 15-Aug-16
ID 103572-01A Chocolate 30-Sep-18 16-Sep-16
ID 103574-01A Strawberry 30-Sep-18 16-Sep-16
ID 103575-01A Strawberry 30-Sep-18 16-Sep-16
ID 103607-01A Chocolate 30-Sep-18 16-Sep-16
ID 104523-01A Vanilla 31-Oct-18 31-Oct-16
ID 104524-01A Chocolate 31-Oct-18 31-Oct-16
ID 104525-01A Strawberry 31-Oct-18 31-Oct-16
ID 105996-01A Strawberry 31-Dec-18 23-Dec-16
ID 105997-01A Chocolate 31-Dec-18 23-Dec-16
ID 105998-01A Strawberry 31-Dec-18 23-Dec-16
ID 105999-01A Chocolate 31-Dec-18 23-Dec-16
ID 106769-01A Strawberry 31-Jan-19 23-Jan-17
ID 106770-01A Chocolate 31-Jan-19 23-Jan-17
ID 108631-01A Chocolate 31-Mar-19 30-Mar-17
ID 108680-01A Strawberry 31-Mar-19 04-Apr-17
ID 108827-01A Strawberry 31-Mar-19 04-Apr-17
ID 108848-01A Chocolate 31-Mar-19 06-Apr-17
ID 108849-01A Strawberry 31-Mar-19 06-Apr-17
ID 109422-01A Chocolate 30-Apr-19 06-May-17
ID 110073-01A Strawberry 31-May-19 22-May-17
ID 110636-01A Chocolate 30-Jun-19 19-Jun-17
ID 110637-01A Vanilla 30-Jun-19 19-Jun-17
ID 110667-01A Strawberry 30-Jun-19 19-Jun-17
ID 110962-01A Chocolate 30-Jun-19 29-Jun-17
ID 111164-01A Vanilla 30-Jun-19 10-Jul-17
ID 111165-01A Vanilla 30-Jun-19 10-Jul-17
ID 111278-01A Chocolate 31-Jul-19 14-Jul-17
ID 111295-01A Chocolate 31-Jul-19 14-Jul-17
ID 111297-01A Chocolate 31-Jul-19 14-Jul-17
ID 111315-01A Vanilla 31-Jul-19 24-Jul-17
ID 111317-01A Strawberry 31-Jul-19 24-Jul-17
ID 111317-01B Strawberry 31-Jul-19 24-Jul-17
ID 111318-01A Strawberry 31-Jul-19 24-Jul-17
ID 111617-01A Strawberry 31-Jul-19 14-Sep-17
ID 111618-01A Vanilla 31-Jul-19 07-Aug-17
ID 111823-01A Chocolate 31-Aug-18 10-Aug-17
ID 111825-01A Strawberry 31-Aug-18 10-Aug-17
ID 111826-01A Vanilla 31-Aug-19 15-Aug-17
ID 111961-01A Strawberry 31-Aug-19 15-Aug-17
ID 112173-01A Chocolate 31-Aug-19 23-Aug-17
ID 112174-01A Chocolate 31-Aug-19 23-Aug-17
ID 112854-01A Vanilla 30-Sep-19 13-Sep-17
ID 112858-01A Chocolate 30-Sep-19 13-Sep-17
ID 112858-01B Chocolate 30-Sep-19 02-Jan-18
ID 112859-01A Chocolate 30-Sep-19 13-Sep-17
ID 113727-01A Chocolate 31-Oct-19 11-Oct-17
ID 114174-01A Strawberry 31-Oct-19 30-Oct-17
ID 114360-01A Chocolate 31-Oct-19 31-Oct-17
ID 114712-01A Chocolate 30-Nov-19 09-Nov-17
ID 114801-01A Chocolate 30-Nov-19 09-Nov-17
ID 115423-01A Strawberry 30-Nov-19 29-Nov-17
ID 115747-01A Chocolate 31-Dec-19 11-Dec-17
ID 115748-01A Chocolate 31-Dec-19 09-Dec-17
ID 117400-01A Vanilla 31-Jan-20 06-Feb-18