Promax Lean


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Manufacturer : Maximuscle


Supplement Type:Protein(s) (Animal-Based)


Batch Test

Batch Id Flavour Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 1607179817 Strawberry 19-Mar-18 21-Sep-16
ID 1607179820 Banana 17-Mar-18 21-Sep-16
ID 1608179988 Chocolate 23-Mar-18 30-Sep-16
ID 1608180308 Vanilla 15-Mar-18 21-Sep-16
ID 1608180581 Strawberry 22-Mar-18 27-Sep-16
ID 1609180787 Chocolate 03-Aug-18 11-Nov-16
ID 1609180999 Vanilla 04-Aug-18 13-Oct-16
ID 1609181080 Strawberry 21-Mar-18 23-Sep-16
ID 1609181234 Strawberry 04-Nov-18 13-Oct-16
ID 1612183893 Strawberry 06-Mar-18 04-Jan-17
ID 1612183894 Chocolate 07-Mar-18 05-Jan-17
ID 1612183895 Strawberry 06-Mar-18 04-Jan-17
ID 1701183934 Chocolate 30-Jul-18 02-Feb-17
ID 1701183935 Chocolate 19-Jul-18 24-Jan-17
ID 1701183936 Strawberry 18-Jul-18 20-Jan-17
ID 1701183937 Strawberry 15-Jul-18 18-Jan-17
ID 1701183938 Vanilla 15-Jul-18 02-Feb-17
ID 1701183939 Banana 31-Jul-18 06-Feb-17
ID 1701183940 Raspberry 08-Feb-18 08-Feb-17
ID 1701184211 Vanilla 16-Jul-18 18-Jan-17
ID 1701184332 Chocolate 19-Aug-18 22-Feb-17
ID 1701184333 Strawberry 16-Aug-18 21-Feb-17
ID 1701184666 Strawberry 09-Feb-18 10-Mar-17
ID 1701184885 Raspberry 09-Apr-18 10-Mar-17
ID 1702185653 Chocolate 17-Sep-18 24-Mar-17
ID 1702185654 Strawberry 09-Mar-18 10-Mar-17
ID 1702185655 Vanilla 20-Sep-18 24-Mar-17
ID 1703186106 Chocolate 24-Sep-18 31-Mar-17
ID 1703186947 Strawberry 23-Oct-18 02-May-17
ID 1704187357 Chocolate 11-May-18 12-May-17
ID 1704187358 Banana 11-Apr-18 12-May-17
ID 1704187359 Raspberry 11-May-18 12-May-17
ID 1704187922 Strawberry 22-Nov-18 01-Jun-17
ID 1705188442 Chocolate 26-Nov-18 01-Jun-17
ID 1705188717 Chocolate 29-Nov-18 08-Jun-17
ID 1706189759 Chocolate 01-Jan-19 11-Jul-17
ID 1706190554 Chocolate 03-Mar-19 08-Sep-17
ID 1707190905 Strawberry 02-Aug-19 10-Aug-17
ID 1707191335 Strawberry 13-Feb-19 21-Aug-17
ID 1708192145 Banana 03-Jun-19 11-Sep-17
ID 1708192773 Chocolate 18-Mar-19 22-Sep-17
ID 1709193061 Vanilla 31-Mar-19 05-Oct-17
ID 1709193579 Chocolate 16-Apr-19 23-Oct-17
ID 1710194421 Chocolate 21-May-19 27-Nov-17
ID 1710194422 Strawberry 20-May-19 27-Nov-17