Promax Extreme


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Manufacturer : Maximuscle


Supplement Type:Protein(s) (Animal-Based)


Batch Test

Batch Id Flavour Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 112628/1704187350 Strawberry 18-May-19 22-May-17
ID 1603176097 Strawberry 20-Apr-18 25-Apr-16
ID 1603176314 Chocolate 22-Apr-18 26-Apr-16
ID 1606178645 Strawberry 06-Sep-18 15-Jun-16
ID 1611182677 Chocolate 12-Aug-18 12-Dec-16
ID 1701183928 Strawberry 01-Apr-19 09-Jan-17
ID 1704187351 Chocolate 28-Apr-19 04-May-17
ID 1706189756 Chocolate 07-Dec-18 17-Jul-17
ID 1707190902 Strawberry 21-Aug-19 25-Aug-17
ID 1707191377 Chocolate 22-Aug-19 29-Aug-17
ID 1709193133 Chocolate 23-Oct-19 25-Oct-17