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Manufacturer : Maximuscle


Supplement Type:Protein(s) (Animal-Based)


Batch Test

Batch Id Flavour Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 16020011 Chocolate Mint 28-Feb-18 03-Feb-16
ID 16070052 Chocolate Mint 31-Jul-18 14-Jul-16
ID AP 16110029 Strawberry 30-Nov-18 06-Feb-17
ID AP 16120084 Strawberry 31-Dec-18 30-Dec-16
ID AP 16120086 Strawberry 31-Dec-18 30-Dec-16
ID AP 16120087 Strawberry 31-Dec-18 04-Jan-17
ID AP 17010099 Banana 31-Jan-19 23-Feb-17
ID AP 17010140 Vanilla 31-Jan-19 06-Feb-17
ID AP L-16110028 Banana 30-Nov-18 06-Feb-17
ID AP L-17010098 Banana 31-Jan-19 06-Feb-17
ID AP L-17020007 Vanilla 28-Feb-19 06-Feb-17
ID AP16120019 Vanilla 31-Dec-18 09-Dec-16
ID AP16120021 Vanilla 31-Dec-18 09-Dec-16
ID AP16120025 Chocolate 31-Dec-18 09-Dec-16
ID AP16120035 Chocolate 31-Dec-18 09-Dec-16
ID AP16120045 Chocolate 31-Dec-18 09-Dec-16
ID AP16120046 Chocolate 31-Dec-18 09-Dec-16
ID AP16120089 Strawberry 31-Dec-18 20-Jan-17
ID AP17010003 Chocolate 31-Jan-19 12-Jan-17
ID AP17010004 Chocolate 31-Jan-19 12-Jan-17
ID AP17010051 Strawberry 31-Jan-19 20-Jan-17
ID AP17010056 Strawberry 31-Jan-19 20-Jan-17
ID AP17010059 Strawberry 31-Jan-19 20-Jan-17
ID GD 16020044 Strawberry 28-Feb-18 09-Feb-16
ID GD 16020060 Chocolate 28-Feb-18 10-Feb-16
ID GD 16020070 Strawberry 28-Feb-18 11-Feb-16
ID GD 16020133 Strawberry 28-Feb-18 17-Feb-16
ID GD 16020138 Strawberry 28-Feb-18 17-Feb-16
ID GD 16020197 Chocolate 23-Feb-16 24-Feb-16
ID GD 16020199 Chocolate 23-Feb-18 24-Feb-16
ID GD 16020202 Chocolate 28-Feb-18 25-Feb-16
ID GD 16020235 Strawberry 28-Feb-18 01-Mar-16
ID GD 16020237 Strawberry 28-Feb-18 01-Mar-16
ID GD 16030107 Strawberry 31-Mar-18 18-Mar-16
ID GD 16030129 Chocolate 31-Mar-18 23-Mar-16
ID GD 16040015 Vanilla 30-Apr-18 06-Apr-16
ID GD 16040017 Vanilla 30-Apr-18 06-Apr-16
ID GD 16040022 Strawberry 30-Apr-18 06-Apr-16
ID GD 16040034 Chocolate 30-Apr-18 07-Apr-16
ID GD 16040070 Chocolate Mint 30-Apr-18 14-Apr-16
ID GD 16040092 Vanilla 30-Apr-18 19-Apr-16
ID GD 16040099 Vanilla 30-Apr-18 19-Apr-16
ID GD 16040100 Vanilla 30-Apr-18 19-Apr-16
ID GD 16040101 Vanilla 30-Apr-18 19-Apr-16
ID GD 16040102 Strawberry 30-Apr-18 20-Apr-16
ID GD 16040105 Strawberry 30-Apr-18 20-Apr-16
ID GD 16040117 Vanilla 30-Apr-18 28-Apr-16
ID GD 16050054 Chocolate 31-May-18 19-May-16
ID GD 16050058 Chocolate 31-May-18 19-May-16
ID GD 16050062 Chocolate 31-May-18 20-May-16
ID GD 16050071 Chocolate 31-May-18 20-May-16
ID GD 16050087 Strawberry 31-May-18 26-May-16
ID GD 16050089 Strawberry 31-May-18 26-May-16
ID GD 16050092 Strawberry 31-May-18 26-May-16
ID GD 16050108 Banana 31-May-18 26-May-16
ID GD 16050112 Banana 31-May-18 26-May-16
ID GD 16060023 Chocolate 30-Jun-18 08-Jun-16
ID GD 16060026 Chocolate 30-Jun-18 08-Jun-16
ID GD 16060098 Chocolate Mint 30-Jun-18 21-Jun-16
ID GD 16070135 Chocolate 31-Jul-18 01-Aug-16
ID GD 16070139 Chocolate 31-Jul-18 01-Aug-16
ID GD 16100008 Vanilla 31-Oct-18 07-Oct-16
ID GD 16100012 Vanilla 31-Oct-18 07-Oct-16
ID GD 16100029 Chocolate 31-Oct-18 07-Oct-16
ID GD 16100032 Chocolate 31-Oct-18 07-Oct-16
ID GD 16100107 Strawberry 31-Oct-18 20-Oct-16
ID GD 16100112 Chocolate 31-Oct-18 20-Oct-16
ID GD 16100115 Chocolate 31-Oct-18 20-Oct-16
ID GD16020004 Chocolate 28-Feb-18 02-Feb-16
ID GD16020006 Chocolate 28-Feb-18 02-Feb-16
ID GD16020051 Chocolate 28-Feb-18 09-Feb-16
ID GD16020115 Banana 28-Feb-18 16-Feb-16
ID GD16020122 Banana 28-Feb-18 16-Feb-16
ID GD16020128 Strawberry 28-Feb-18 16-Feb-16
ID GD16040047 Chocolate 30-Apr-18 12-Apr-16
ID GD16040051 Chocolate 30-Apr-18 12-Apr-16
ID GD16070012 Vanilla 31-Jul-18 11-Jul-16
ID GD16070017 Vanilla 31-Jul-18 11-Jul-16
ID GD16070019 Chocolate 31-Jul-18 11-Jul-16
ID GD16070023 Chocolate 31-Jul-18 11-Jul-16
ID GD16070025 Chocolate 31-Jul-18 11-Jul-16
ID GD16070027 Chocolate 31-Jul-18 11-Jul-16
ID GD16070028 Chocolate 31-Jul-18 11-Jul-16
ID GD16070029 Strawberry 31-Jul-18 11-Jul-16
ID GD16070030 Strawberry 31-Jul-18 11-Jul-16
ID GD16070032 Strawberry 31-Jul-18 11-Jul-16
ID GD16070069 Strawberry 31-Jul-18 22-Jul-16
ID GD16070073 Strawberry 31-Jul-18 22-Jul-16
ID GD16070080 Chocolate 31-Jul-18 22-Jul-16
ID GD16070088 Chocolate 31-Jul-18 22-Jul-16
ID GD16070094 Chocolate 31-Jul-18 22-Jul-16
ID GD16070115 Banana 31-Jul-18 26-Jul-16
ID GD16070117 Banana 31-Jul-18 26-Jul-16
ID GD16070122 Strawberry 31-Jul-18 01-Aug-16
ID GD16070123 Strawberry 31-Jul-18 01-Aug-16
ID GD16080002 Vanilla 31-Aug-18 05-Aug-16
ID GD16080004 Vanilla 31-Aug-18 05-Aug-16
ID GD16080017 Chocolate 31-Aug-18 05-Aug-16
ID GD16080020 Chocolate 31-Aug-18 05-Aug-16
ID GD16080022 Chocolate 31-Aug-18 05-Aug-16
ID GD16080028 Chocolate 31-Aug-18 05-Aug-16
ID GD16080060 Strawberry 31-Aug-18 12-Aug-16
ID GD16080073 Chocolate 31-Aug-18 19-Aug-16
ID GD16080085 Strawberry 31-Aug-18 19-Aug-16
ID GD16080086 Strawberry 31-Aug-18 19-Aug-16
ID GD16080089 Chocolate Mint 31-Aug-18 19-Aug-16
ID GD16080117 Banana 31-Aug-18 05-Sep-16
ID GD16080118 Banana 31-Aug-18 05-Sep-16
ID GD16080121 Banana 31-Aug-18 05-Sep-16
ID GD16090003 Chocolate 30-Sep-18 05-Sep-16
ID GD16090009 Banana 30-Sep-18 09-Sep-16
ID GD16090012 Banana 30-Sep-18 09-Sep-16
ID GD16090015 Strawberry 30-Sep-18 09-Sep-16
ID GD16090019 Strawberry 30-Sep-18 09-Sep-16
ID GD16090020 Strawberry 30-Sep-18 09-Sep-16
ID GD16090060 Chocolate Mint 30-Sep-18 19-Sep-16
ID GD16090088 Strawberry 30-Sep-18 19-Sep-16
ID GD16100037 Chocolate 31-Oct-18 10-Oct-16
ID GD16100040 Chocolate 31-Oct-18 10-Oct-16
ID GD16100057 Strawberry 31-Oct-18 10-Oct-16
ID L-16110025 Chocolate 30-Nov-18 10-Feb-17
ID L-17010068 Chocolate 31-Jan-19 10-Feb-17
ID L-17020019 Chocolate Mint 28-Feb-19 17-Feb-17
ID L-17020020 Chocolate Mint 28-Feb-19 17-Feb-17
ID L-17020023 Strawberry 28-Feb-19 10-Feb-17
ID L-17020026 Strawberry 28-Feb-19 10-Feb-17
ID L-17020027 Strawberry 28-Feb-19 10-Feb-17
ID L-17020029 Strawberry 28-Feb-19 17-Feb-17
ID L-17020055 Chocolate 28-Feb-19 17-Feb-17
ID L-17020132 Chocolate 28-Feb-19 03-Mar-17
ID L-17030066 Banana 31-Mar-19 27-Mar-17
ID L-17030072 Chocolate 31-Mar-19 27-Mar-17
ID L-17030074 Chocolate 31-Mar-19 27-Mar-17
ID L-17030076 Chocolate 31-Mar-19 27-Mar-17
ID L-17040006 Chocolate 30-Apr-19 18-Apr-17
ID L-17040059 Chocolate 30-Apr-19 19-Apr-17
ID L-17040080 Chocolate 30-Apr-19 19-Apr-17
ID L-17040081 Chocolate 30-Apr-19 19-Apr-17
ID L-17040089 Chocolate 30-Apr-19 20-Apr-17
ID L-17040144 Strawberry 30-Apr-19 08-May-17
ID L-17040147 Strawberry 30-Apr-19 08-May-17
ID L-17040150 Strawberry 30-Apr-19 11-May-17
ID L-17040155 Strawberry 30-Apr-19 11-May-17
ID L-17040156 Strawberry 30-Apr-19 11-May-17
ID L-17050009 Chocolate 31-May-19 11-May-17
ID L-17050010 Chocolate Mint 31-May-19 05-May-17
ID L-17050053 Chocolate 31-May-19 11-May-17
ID L-17050057 Chocolate 31-May-19 11-May-17
ID L-17050058 Chocolate 31-May-19 11-May-17
ID L-17050065 Banana 31-May-19 22-May-17
ID L-17050069 Banana 31-May-19 22-May-17
ID L-17050096 Vanilla 31-May-19 22-May-17
ID L-17050099 Vanilla 31-May-19 22-May-17
ID L-17050101 Chocolate 31-May-19 22-May-17
ID L-17050109 Chocolate Mint 31-May-19 22-May-17
ID L-17050152 Vanilla 31-May-19 12-Jun-17
ID L-17050155 Vanilla 31-May-19 12-Jun-17
ID L-17050156 Chocolate 31-May-19 06-Jun-17
ID L-17050163 Chocolate 31-May-19 06-Jun-17
ID L-17050171 Strawberry 31-May-19 26-May-17
ID L-17050174 Strawberry 31-May-19 02-Jun-17
ID L-17050176 Strawberry 31-May-19 02-Jun-17
ID L-17050177 Strawberry 31-May-19 06-Jun-17
ID L-17050181 Strawberry 31-May-19 06-Jun-17
ID L-17050211 Chocolate 31-May-19 06-Jun-17
ID L-17050212 Chocolate 31-May-19 06-Jun-17
ID L-17050214 Chocolate 31-May-19 06-Jun-17
ID L-17050217 Strawberry 31-May-19 12-Jun-17
ID L-17050219 Strawberry 31-May-19 12-Jun-17
ID L-17050221 Strawberry 31-May-19 15-Jun-17
ID L-17060058 Strawberry 30-Jun-19 15-Jun-17
ID L-17060068 Chocolate 30-Jun-19 05-Jul-17
ID L-17060099 Chocolate 30-Jun-19 05-Jul-17
ID L-17060139 Chocolate 30-Jun-19 13-Jul-17
ID L-17060141 Chocolate 30-Jun-19 25-Jul-17
ID L-17070001 Chocolate 31-Jul-19 25-Jul-17
ID L-17080028 Chocolate 31-Aug-19 08-Aug-17
ID L-17080160 Strawberry 29-Aug-19 14-Sep-17
ID L-17080164 Strawberry 31-Aug-19 15-Sep-17
ID L-17080174 Strawberry 14-Sep-19 19-Sep-17
ID L-17080177 Strawberry 30-Aug-19 19-Sep-17
ID L-17080183 Strawberry 31-Aug-19 19-Sep-17
ID L-17090016 Banana 09-May-19 14-Sep-17
ID L-17090020 Banana 30-Sep-19 15-Sep-17
ID L-17090050 Vanilla 09-Nov-19 19-Sep-17
ID L-17090054 Vanilla 09-Nov-19 19-Sep-17
ID L-17090063 Banana 30-Sep-19 15-Sep-17
ID L-17090065 Strawberry 09-Dec-19 19-Sep-17
ID L-17090086 Strawberry 18-Sep-19 03-Oct-17
ID L-17090089 Strawberry 18-Sep-19 03-Oct-17
ID L-17090092 Strawberry 18-Sep-19 03-Oct-17
ID L-17090138 Vanilla 27-Sep-19 16-Oct-17
ID L-17090142 Vanilla 27-Sep-19 16-Oct-17
ID L-17090153 Strawberry 27-Sep-19 17-Nov-17
ID L-17100009 Strawberry 31-Oct-19 31-Oct-17
ID L-17100051 Banana 10-May-19 18-Oct-17
ID L-17100098 Banana 10-Dec-19 18-Oct-17
ID L-17100142 Chocolate 19-Oct-19 08-Nov-17
ID L-17100145 Chocolate 19-Oct-19 08-Nov-17
ID L-17100147 Chocolate 19-Oct-19 08-Nov-17
ID L-17110043 Chocolate Mint 11-Sep-19 17-Nov-17
ID L-17110046 Chocolate Mint 11-Sep-19 17-Nov-17
ID L-17110053 Strawberry 13-Nov-19 17-Nov-17
ID L-17110054 Strawberry 14-Nov-19 17-Nov-17
ID L-17110057 Strawberry 14-Nov-19 17-Nov-17
ID L-17110092 Chocolate 22-Nov-19 29-Nov-17
ID L-17110099 Chocolate 23-Nov-19 29-Nov-17
ID L-17110100 Chocolate 23-Nov-19 29-Nov-17
ID L-17120038 Banana 12-Nov-19 12-Dec-17
ID L-17120066 Vanilla 18-Dec-19 21-Dec-17
ID L-17120068 Vanilla 18-Dec-19 21-Dec-17
ID L-17120070 Strawberry 18-Dec-19 21-Dec-17
ID L-17120074 Strawberry 19-Dec-19 21-Dec-17
ID L-17120075 Strawberry 19-Dec-19 21-Dec-17
ID L-17120089 Chocolate 20-Dec-19 04-Jan-18
ID L-17120093 Chocolate 21-Dec-19 04-Jan-18
ID L-17120099 Chocolate 21-Dec-19 04-Jan-18
ID L-18010108 Strawberry 23-Jan-20 30-Jan-18
ID L-18010110 Strawberry 23-Jan-20 30-Jan-18
ID L-18010114 Strawberry 23-Jan-20 30-Jan-18
ID L-18010116 Strawberry 23-Jan-20 30-Jan-18