Athlete's Blend


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Manufacturer : Iron Vegan


Supplement Type:Protein(s) (Plant-Based/Vegan)


Batch Test

Batch Id Flavour Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 1609500 Natural Chocolate 31-Mar-19 27-Jun-16
ID 1609812 Natural Chocolate 30-Apr-19 27-Jun-16
ID 1609813 A Natural Vanilla 30-Apr-19 27-Jun-16
ID 1611511 Natural Vanilla 31-Jul-19 26-Jul-16
ID 1611512 Natural Chocolate 31-Jul-19 26-Jul-16
ID 1612151 Natural Vanilla 30-Sep-19 19-Sep-16
ID 1612860 Natural Chocolate 31-Oct-19 06-Jan-17
ID 1714044 Natural Chocolate 31-Mar-20 04-Apr-17
ID 1714935 Natural Vanilla 31-Mar-20 04-Apr-17
ID 1715220 Natural Vanilla 30-Apr-20 24-Apr-17
ID 1716919 Natural Chocolate 31-Jul-20 14-Jul-17
ID 1716920 Natural Vanilla 31-Jul-20 14-Jul-17
ID 1717339 Natural Chocolate 31-Jul-20 25-Aug-17
ID 1717340 Natural Vanilla 31-Jul-20 25-Aug-17
ID 1717517 Natural Chocolate 31-Aug-20 29-Aug-17
ID 1717519 Natural Vanilla 31-Aug-20 29-Aug-17
ID 1718861 Natural Chocolate 31-Oct-20 16-Jan-18
ID 1718862 Natural Vanilla 31-Oct-20 30-Oct-17
ID 1719812 Natural Vanilla 30-Nov-20 08-Dec-17
ID 1719982 Natural Chocolate 30-Nov-20 08-Dec-17