INC Pre Workout


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Manufacturer : INC Sports Australia


Supplement Type:Energy


Batch Test

Batch Id Flavour Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 123251 Tropical 21-Apr-18 10-Nov-16
ID 125280 Tropical 21-May-18 17-Feb-17
ID 125290 Tropical 21-May-18 28-Nov-16
ID 126362 Tropical 19-Jun-18 29-Dec-16
ID 127498 Tropical 23-Jul-18 02-Feb-17
ID 128201 Tropical 09-Feb-18 22-Mar-17
ID 129516 Tropical 16-Sep-18 02-Jan-18
ID 131179 Tropical 11-Jan-18 15-May-17
ID 132128 (Blend #s 132129 & 132648) Tropical 30-Nov-18 12-Jun-17
ID 133135 Tropical 18-Dec-18 05-Jul-17
ID 133961 Tropical 14-Jan-19 24-Jul-17
ID 134967 Tropical 18-Feb-19 25-Aug-17
ID 136226 Tropical 03-Nov-19 27-Nov-17
ID 137878 Tropical 05-Jun-19 20-Nov-17
ID 138170 Tropical 25-May-19 11-Dec-17