INC Protein Mousse


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Manufacturer : INC Sports Australia


Supplement Type:Protein(s) (Animal-Based)


Batch Test

Batch Id Flavour Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 111648 Strawberry 13-Jan-19 18-Nov-16
ID 111651 (Blend 111653) Vanilla 01-Nov-19 05-Feb-16
ID 114909 Strawberry 22-Mar-19 13-Apr-16
ID 114911 Vanilla 22-Mar-19 13-Apr-16
ID 114913 Chocolate 22-Mar-19 13-Apr-16
ID 117363 Strawberry 14-May-19 23-May-16
ID 117365 Chocolate 14-May-19 23-May-16
ID 117367 Vanilla 13-May-19 23-May-16
ID 118588 Chocolate 24-Jun-19 14-Jul-16
ID 118727 Vanilla 25-May-19 14-Sep-16
ID 123257 Strawberry 20-Oct-19 10-Nov-16
ID 123259 Chocolate 20-Oct-19 31-Oct-16
ID 123261 Vanilla 20-Oct-19 10-Nov-16
ID 125298 Chocolate 11-Nov-19 25-Nov-16
ID 126364 Strawberry 12-Sep-19 19-Dec-16
ID 126366 Vanilla 12-Sep-19 19-Dec-16
ID 126368 Chocolate 12-Sep-19 19-Dec-16
ID 127508 Strawberry 24-Jan-20 02-Feb-17
ID 127509 Vanilla 24-Jan-20 02-Feb-17
ID 127510 Chocolate 24-Jan-20 02-Feb-17
ID 128240 Strawberry 16-Feb-20 27-Feb-17
ID 128242 Chocolate 17-Feb-20 27-Feb-17
ID 128244 Vanilla 16-Feb-20 27-Feb-17
ID 129518 Strawberry 15-Mar-20 29-Mar-17
ID 129520 Chocolate 15-Mar-20 29-Mar-17
ID 129522 Vanilla 15-Mar-20 29-Mar-17
ID 132130 Strawberry 20-May-20 31-May-17
ID 132132 Vanilla 20-May-20 31-May-17
ID 132134 Chocolate 20-May-20 31-May-17
ID 133137 Chocolate 17-Jun-20 26-Jun-17
ID 133955 Vanilla 14-Jul-20 24-Jul-17
ID 133957 Strawberry 14-Jul-20 24-Jul-17
ID 133959 Chocolate 13-Jul-20 24-Jul-17
ID 136228 Strawberry 09-Dec-20 27-Nov-17
ID 136230 Vanilla 09-Dec-20 27-Nov-17
ID 136232 Chocolate 09-Sep-20 27-Nov-17
ID 138172 Strawberry 12-Feb-20 18-Dec-17
ID 138174 Chocolate 24-Nov-20 11-Dec-17
ID 138176 Vanilla 12-Jan-20 18-Dec-17