Carb Killa


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Manufacturer : Grenade


Supplement Type:Protein(s) (Animal-Based)


Batch Test

Batch Id Flavour Batch Expiration Test Date
ID L-7262-J Jaffa Quake 30-Sep-18 22-Sep-17
ID L-7262-J Banana Armour 30-Sep-18 22-Sep-17
ID L-7262-J Caramel Chaos 21-Dec-18 22-Sep-17
ID L-7262-J Chocolate Crunch 21-Dec-18 22-Sep-17
ID L6335-J (80295) Chocolate Cream 03-Mar-18 05-Dec-16
ID L6349-J White Chocolate Mocha 31-Dec-17 29-Dec-16
ID L7006-J White Chocolate Cookie 09-Apr-18 16-Jan-17
ID L7011-J (80161) Caramel Chaos 14-Apr-18 19-Jan-17
ID L7016-J (80457) White Chocolate Cookie 19-Apr-18 23-Jan-17
ID L7017-J (80161) Caramel Chaos 20-Apr-18 26-Jan-17
ID L7017-J (80295) Chocolate Cream 20-Apr-18 26-Jan-17
ID L7032-J Peanut Nutter 28-Feb-18 10-Feb-17
ID L7032-J White Chocolate Cookie 28-Feb-18 10-Feb-17
ID L7038-J Caramel Chaos 28-Feb-18 10-Feb-17
ID L7040-J Chocolate Crunch 13-May-18 20-Feb-17
ID L7053-J White Chocolate Cookie 28-Feb-18 27-Feb-17
ID L7054-J Banana Armour 28-Feb-18 06-Mar-17
ID L7054-J Caramel Chaos 28-Feb-18 27-Feb-17
ID L7059-J Chocolate Cream 06-Jan-18 06-Mar-17
ID L7060-J Cookies & Cream 31-Mar-18 06-Mar-17
ID L7065-J White Chocolate Cookie 06-Jul-18 20-Mar-17
ID L7073-J Caramel Chaos 15-Jun-18 20-Mar-17
ID L7074--J Banana Armour 31-Mar-18 20-Mar-17
ID L7080-J White Chocolate Cookie 31-Mar-18 05-Apr-17
ID L7088-J Peanut Nutter 03-Jun-18 05-Apr-17
ID L7093-J White Chocolate Mocha 30-Apr-18 24-Apr-17
ID L7095-J Fudge Brownie 30-Apr-18 24-Apr-17
ID L7095-J Caramel Chaos 30-Apr-18 24-Apr-17
ID L7097/S Chocolate Cream 09-Jul-18 24-Apr-17
ID L7101-J Fudge Brownie 30-Apr-18 21-Apr-17
ID L7101-J Banana Armour 30-Apr-18 21-Apr-17
ID L7101-J Cookies & Cream 30-Apr-18 21-Apr-17
ID L7108-J White Chocolate Cookie 30-Apr-18 21-Apr-17
ID L7111-J Caramel Chaos 30-Apr-18 10-May-17
ID L7114-J Cookies & Cream 30-Apr-18 10-May-17
ID L7122-J Jaffa Quake 31-May-18 10-May-17
ID L7123-J Caramel Chaos 31-May-18 10-May-17
ID L7124-J Peanut Nutter 31-May-18 10-May-17
ID L7124-J Chocolate Crunch 05-Aug-18 10-May-17
ID L7125-J Peanut Nutter 06-Aug-18 10-May-17
ID L7125-J Chocolate Cream 06-Aug-18 22-May-17
ID L7125-J Cookies & Cream 31-May-18 22-May-17
ID L7129-J White Chocolate Mocha 31-May-18 22-May-17
ID L7132-J Jaffa Quake 31-May-18 22-May-17
ID L7135-J Dark Chocolate Mint 31-May-18 22-May-17
ID L7136-J White Chocolate Cookie 17-Aug-18 22-May-17
ID L7137-J Caramel Chaos 18-Aug-18 22-May-17
ID L7144-J Banana Armour 31-May-18 08-Jun-17
ID L7145-J Fudge Brownie 31-May-18 08-Jun-17
ID L7146-J Dark Chocolate Mint 31-May-18 01-Jun-17
ID L7150-J Caramel Chaos 30-May-18 08-Jun-17
ID L7152-J Banana Armour 30-Jun-18 08-Jun-17
ID L7152-J Cookies & Cream 30-Jun-18 08-Jun-17
ID L7157-J White Chocolate Cookie 30-Jun-18 15-Jun-17
ID L7164/S Jaffa Quake 30-Jun-18 15-Jun-17
ID L7165-J White Chocolate Mocha 30-Jun-18 22-Jun-17
ID L7165/S Caramel Chaos 30-Jun-18 15-Jun-17
ID L7166-J Fudge Brownie 30-Jun-18 22-Jun-17
ID L7166-J Peanut Nutter 16-Sep-18 22-Jun-17
ID L7166-J Chocolate Crunch 30-Jun-18 22-Jun-17
ID L7167-J Peanut Nutter 30-Jun-18 22-Jun-17
ID L7173-J Chocolate Cream 23-Sep-18 26-Jun-17
ID L7173-J Cookies & Cream 30-Jun-18 26-Jun-17
ID L7177-J Peanut Nutter 30-Jun-18 30-Jun-17
ID L7178-J Peanut Nutter 30-Jun-18 30-Jun-17
ID L7179-J Dark Chocolate Mint 30-Jun-18 30-Jun-17
ID L7179-J Fudge Brownie 30-Jun-18 30-Jun-17
ID L7185-J White Chocolate Cookie 31-Jul-18 14-Sep-17
ID L7186-J White Chocolate Cookie 31-Jul-18 10-Jul-17
ID L7187-J Caramel Chaos 07-Oct-18 10-Jul-17
ID L7193-J Jaffa Quake 31-Jul-18 17-Jul-17
ID L7193-J Caramel Chaos 31-Jul-18 17-Jul-17
ID L7194-J Caramel Chaos 31-Jul-18 17-Jul-17
ID L7194-J Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 31-Jul-18 17-Jul-17
ID L7199-J White Chocolate Cookie 31-Jul-18 26-Jul-17
ID L7200-J Fudge Brownie 31-Jul-18 26-Jul-17
ID L7200-J Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 20-Oct-18 26-Jul-17
ID L7201-J Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 31-Jul-18 26-Jul-17
ID L7201-J Cookies & Cream 31-Jul-18 26-Jul-17
ID L7202-J Chocolate Cream 22-Oct-18 26-Jul-17
ID L7205-J Caramel Chaos 31-Jul-18 02-Aug-17
ID L7207-J Dark Chocolate Mint 31-Jul-18 02-Aug-17
ID L7213-J Chocolate Crunch 31-Aug-18 04-Aug-17
ID L7220-J White Chocolate Cookie 09-Nov-18 15-Aug-17
ID L7220-J White Chocolate Mocha 31-Aug-18 15-Aug-17
ID L7221-J White Chocolate Cookie 31-Aug-18 15-Aug-17
ID L7222-J Jaffa Quake 31-Aug-18 15-Aug-17
ID L7222-J Banana Armour 31-Aug-18 15-Aug-17
ID L7222-J Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 31-Aug-18 15-Aug-17
ID L7228-J Caramel Chaos 31-Aug-18 22-Aug-17
ID L7229-J Fudge Brownie 31-Aug-18 22-Aug-17
ID L7229-J Chocolate Cream 18-Nov-18 22-Aug-17
ID L7229-J Chocolate Crunch 31-Aug-18 22-Aug-17
ID L7230-J Cookies & Cream 31-Aug-18 22-Aug-17
ID L7236-J Peanut Nutter 31-Aug-18 08-Sep-17
ID L7241-J Caramel Chaos 31-Aug-18 08-Sep-17
ID L7249-J White Chocolate Cookie 30-Sep-18 11-Sep-17
ID L7250-J Chocolate Cream 09-Dec-18 11-Sep-17
ID L7250-J Cookies & Cream 30-Sep-18 11-Sep-17
ID L7253-J Dark Chocolate Mint 30-Sep-18 20-Sep-17
ID L7257-J Peanut Nutter 30-Sep-18 20-Sep-17
ID L7258-J Fudge Brownie 30-Sep-18 20-Sep-17
ID L7261-J Chocolate Crunch 30-Sep-18 22-Sep-17
ID L7265-J Dark Chocolate Mint 30-Sep-18 02-Oct-17
ID L7269-J White Chocolate Cookie 30-Sep-18 02-Oct-17
ID L7270-J White Chocolate Cookie 30-Sep-18 02-Oct-17
ID L7271-J Caramel Chaos 30-Sep-18 02-Oct-17
ID L7271-J Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 30-Sep-18 02-Oct-17
ID L7272-J Caramel Chaos 30-Sep-18 05-Oct-17
ID L7273-J Chocolate Cream 01-Jan-19 05-Oct-17
ID L7273-J Cookies & Cream 30-Sep-18 05-Oct-17
ID L7275-J Cookies & Cream 31-Oct-18 05-Oct-17
ID L7276-J Jaffa Quake 31-Oct-18 05-Oct-17
ID L7277-J Caramel Chaos 31-Oct-18 16-Oct-17
ID L7282-J Fudge Brownie 31-Oct-18 16-Oct-17
ID L7283-J Peanut Nutter 31-Oct-18 16-Oct-17
ID L7284-J Peanut Nutter 31-Oct-18 16-Oct-17
ID L7284-J Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 31-Oct-18 16-Oct-17
ID L7290-J White Chocolate Mocha 31-Oct-18 23-Oct-17
ID L7291-J White Chocolate Cookie 19-Jan-19 23-Oct-17
ID L7292/S Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 20-Jan-19 23-Oct-17
ID L7299-J Caramel Chaos 27-Jan-19 30-Oct-17
ID L7299-J Cookies & Cream 31-Oct-18 30-Oct-17
ID L7300-J Dark Chocolate Mint 31-Oct-18 06-Nov-17
ID L7300-J Peanut Nutter 31-Oct-18 30-Oct-17
ID L7303/S Fudge Brownie 31-Oct-18 06-Nov-17
ID L7306-J Caramel Chaos 30-Nov-18 06-Nov-17
ID L7306-J Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 30-Nov-18 06-Nov-17
ID L7306-S Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 03-Feb-19 06-Nov-17
ID L7310-J Banana Armour 30-Nov-18 15-Nov-17
ID L7311-J Fudge Brownie 30-Nov-18 15-Nov-17
ID L7312-J Chocolate Crunch 09-Feb-19 15-Nov-17
ID L7313/S Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 30-Nov-18 15-Nov-17
ID L7314-J Jaffa Quake 30-Nov-18 15-Nov-17
ID L7314/S Dark Chocolate Mint 30-Nov-18 15-Nov-17
ID L7317/S White Chocolate Mocha 30-Nov-18 15-Nov-17
ID L7318-J Chocolate Cream 15-Feb-19 20-Nov-17
ID L7319-J Cookies & Cream 30-Nov-18 20-Nov-17
ID L7319/S Jaffa Quake 30-Nov-18 20-Nov-17
ID L7320-J Cookies & Cream 30-Nov-18 20-Nov-17
ID L7320/S Jaffa Quake 30-Nov-18 20-Nov-17
ID L7320/S Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 30-Nov-18 20-Nov-17
ID L7321-J Dark Chocolate Mint 30-Nov-18 27-Nov-17
ID L7321/S Peanut Nutter 30-Nov-18 20-Nov-17
ID L7322/S Jaffa Quake 30-Nov-18 27-Nov-17
ID L7324/S Jaffa Quake 30-Nov-18 27-Nov-17
ID L7325-J White Chocolate Cookie 22-Feb-19 27-Nov-17
ID L7326-J White Chocolate Cookie 30-Nov-18 27-Nov-17
ID L7327-J White Chocolate Cookie 30-Nov-18 27-Nov-17
ID L7327/S Dark Chocolate Mint 30-Nov-18 27-Nov-17
ID L7329-J Caramel Chaos 30-Nov-18 06-Dec-17
ID L7333-J Caramel Chaos 30-Nov-18 06-Dec-17
ID L7334-J Fudge Brownie 30-Nov-18 06-Dec-17
ID L7335-J Fudge Brownie 31-Dec-18 06-Dec-17
ID L7338-J Peanut Nutter 31-Dec-18 20-Dec-17
ID L7345/S Fudge Brownie 31-Dec-18 20-Dec-17
ID L7346/S Cookies & Cream 31-Dec-18 20-Dec-17
ID L7347/S Jaffa Quake 31-Dec-18 20-Dec-17
ID L7352-J Caramel Chaos 31-Dec-18 28-Dec-17
ID L7353-J Caramel Chaos 31-Dec-18 28-Dec-17
ID L7353/S White Chocolate Mocha 31-Dec-18 28-Dec-17
ID L7354/S White Chocolate Cookie 31-Dec-18 28-Dec-17
ID L7355-J Chocolate Crunch 24-Mar-19 28-Dec-17
ID L7355/5 Cookies & Cream 31-Dec-18 28-Dec-17
ID L7356/5 Jaffa Quake 31-Dec-18 28-Dec-17
ID L8005-J Peanut Nutter 31-Jan-19 12-Jan-18
ID L8008-J Chocolate Cream 11-Apr-19 12-Jan-18
ID L8008-J Cookies & Cream 31-Jan-19 12-Jan-18
ID L8008/S White Chocolate Mocha 31-Jan-19 12-Jan-18
ID L8009-J Chocolate Crunch 31-Jan-19 22-Jan-18
ID L8009-J Cookies & Cream 31-Jan-19 12-Jan-18
ID L8009/S White Chocolate Cookie 31-Jan-19 22-Jan-18
ID L8010-J Fudge Brownie 31-Jan-19 22-Jan-18
ID L8010/S White Chocolate Cookie 31-Jan-19 22-Jan-18
ID L8012-J Dark Chocolate Mint 31-Jan-19 22-Jan-18
ID L8016-J Fudge Brownie 31-Jan-19 22-Jan-18
ID L8016-J Jaffa Quake 31-Jan-19 22-Jan-18
ID L8017-J Peanut Nutter 31-Jan-19 22-Jan-18
ID L8018-J Cookies & Cream 31-Jan-19 25-Jan-18
ID L8018-J Chocolate Cream 21-Apr-19 25-Jan-18
ID L8018/S Caramel Chaos 31-Jan-19 25-Jan-18
ID L8019/S Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 31-Jan-19 25-Jan-18
ID L8021/S Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 24-Apr-19 31-Jan-18
ID L8023/S Peanut Nutter 26-Apr-19 31-Jan-18
ID L8031/J White Chocolate Cookie 31-Jan-19 12-Feb-18
ID L8037-J Caramel Chaos 08-Jun-19 12-Feb-18
ID L8037-J Chocolate Crunch 28-Feb-19 12-Feb-18
ID L8038-J Banana Armour 28-Feb-19 12-Feb-18
ID L8039-J Fudge Brownie 28-Feb-19 12-Feb-18