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Manufacturer : Bulkpowders


Supplement Type:Energy


Batch Test

Batch Id Flavour Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 000034524 Orange & Mango 17-Jun-18 23-Jan-17
ID 000035864 Cherry Cola 30-Apr-20 03-Mar-17
ID 000035868 Summer Berry 30-Apr-20 01-Mar-17
ID 000036974 Orange & Mango 24-Mar-18 31-Mar-17
ID 000038454 Orange & Mango 26-Feb-18 17-May-17
ID 000039101 Cherry Cola 27-Mar-18 01-Jun-17
ID 000039326 Summer Berry 04-Jan-20 12-Jun-17
ID 000040248 Orange & Mango 03-Aug-19 29-Jun-17
ID 000040802 Summer Berry 22-Aug-18 12-Jul-17
ID 000041108 Summer Berry 22-Aug-18 21-Jul-17
ID 000041728 Orange & Mango 20-Aug-18 10-Aug-17
ID 000041792 Summer Berry 20-Aug-18 10-Aug-17
ID 000042101 Cherry Cola 20-Aug-18 25-Aug-17
ID 000043374 Orange & Mango 30-Apr-20 15-Nov-17
ID 000044652 Cherry Cola 04-Jan-20 14-Nov-17
ID 000045444 Cherry Cola 24-Mar-19 22-Dec-17
ID 000046377 Orange & Mango 30-Apr-20 05-Jan-18
ID 000047214 Summer Berry 30-Jun-20 30-Jan-18
ID 20140820 Orange & Mango 30-May-18 22-Aug-14
ID 20140904 Summer Berry 28-Feb-18 14-Nov-14