Advanced Recovery Formula


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Manufacturer : BioSteel


Supplement Type:Recovery Formula


Batch Test

Batch Id Flavour Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 0116042 Chocolate 28-Feb-19 16-Feb-16
ID 0116043 Vanilla 28-Feb-19 16-Feb-16
ID 0215030 Vanilla 28-Feb-18 09-Mar-15
ID 0215031 Chocolate 28-Feb-18 09-Mar-15
ID 0215050 Vanilla 28-Feb-18 09-Mar-15
ID 0215051 Chocolate 28-Feb-18 09-Mar-15
ID 0216038 Strawberry 28-Feb-18 07-Mar-16
ID 0216039 Chocolate 28-Feb-19 26-Feb-16
ID 0315011 Vanilla 31-Mar-18 13-Mar-15
ID 0315012 Chocolate 31-Mar-18 13-Mar-15
ID 0316015 Chocolate 31-Mar-18 17-Mar-16
ID 0316016 Vanilla 31-Mar-19 06-Apr-16
ID 0316018 Vanilla 31-Mar-19 06-Apr-16
ID 0316031 Chocolate 31-Mar-19 29-Apr-16
ID 0316032 Vanilla 31-Mar-19 29-Apr-16
ID 0415031 Chocolate 30-Apr-18 30-Apr-15
ID 0416010 Chocolate 30-Apr-19 29-Apr-16
ID 0416011 Chocolate 30-Apr-19 29-Apr-16
ID 0515033 Vanilla 31-May-18 26-May-15
ID 0515034 Chocolate 31-May-18 26-May-15
ID 0515046 Vanilla 31-May-18 27-May-15
ID 0516022 Vanilla 31-May-19 26-May-16
ID 0516107 Chocolate 31-May-19 23-Jun-16
ID 0516108 Chocolate 31-May-19 23-Jun-16
ID 0616031 Vanilla 30-Jun-19 01-Jul-16
ID 0616042 Vanilla 30-Jun-19 18-Jul-16
ID 0616043 Chocolate 30-Jun-19 18-Jul-16
ID 0616070 Chocolate 30-Jun-19 17-Aug-16
ID 0616071 Vanilla 30-Jun-19 17-Aug-16
ID 0616072 Strawberry 30-Jun-19 02-Sep-16
ID 0715005 Chocolate 31-Jul-18 11-Sep-15
ID 0715046 Vanilla 31-Jul-18 28-Aug-15
ID 0715047 Chocolate 31-Jul-18 28-Aug-15
ID 0716022 Strawberry 31-Jul-19 28-Jul-16
ID 0716023 Chocolate 31-Jul-19 28-Jul-16
ID 0815015 Vanilla 31-Aug-18 28-Aug-15
ID 0815016 Chocolate 31-Aug-18 28-Aug-15
ID 0815027 Chocolate 31-Aug-18 28-Aug-15
ID 0816051 Vanilla 31-Aug-19 28-Sep-16
ID 0816052 Strawberry 31-Aug-19 28-Sep-16
ID 0816053 Chocolate 31-Aug-19 28-Sep-16
ID 0816054 Chocolate 31-Aug-19 28-Sep-16
ID 0816056 Vanilla 31-Aug-19 28-Sep-16
ID 0816060 Chocolate 31-Aug-19 02-Sep-16
ID 0816061 Vanilla 31-Aug-19 02-Sep-16
ID 0915022 Strawberry 30-Sep-18 19-Oct-15
ID 0915023 Strawberry 30-Sep-18 27-Sep-16
ID 0915025 Vanilla 30-Sep-18 02-Oct-15
ID 0915026 Chocolate 30-Sep-18 02-Oct-15
ID 0915027 Chocolate 30-Sep-18 23-Sep-15
ID 0915047 Vanilla 30-Sep-18 19-Oct-15
ID 0915048 Chocolate 30-Sep-18 19-Oct-15
ID 0916010 Chocolate 30-Sep-19 28-Sep-16
ID 0916015 Vanilla 30-Sep-19 10-Oct-16
ID 0916016 Strawberry 30-Sep-19 28-Oct-16
ID 0916017 Chocolate 30-Sep-19 26-Oct-16
ID 0917014 Chocolate 30-Sep-20 18-Sep-17
ID 1015016 Chocolate 31-Oct-18 23-Oct-15
ID 1015017 Vanilla 31-Oct-18 23-Oct-15
ID 1015072 Strawberry 31-Oct-18 11-Nov-15
ID 1016007 Chocolate 31-Oct-19 07-Oct-16
ID 1016008 Chocolate 31-Oct-19 04-Nov-16
ID 1016009 Vanilla 31-Oct-19 18-Nov-16
ID 1016010 Strawberry 31-Oct-19 18-Nov-16
ID 1016038 Chocolate 31-Oct-19 18-Nov-16
ID 1016039 Vanilla 31-Oct-19 18-Nov-16
ID 1016041 Vanilla 31-Oct-19 08-Dec-16
ID 1016093 Chocolate Peanut Butter 31-Oct-19 18-Nov-16
ID 1016094 Chocolate Peanut Butter 31-Oct-19 12-Sep-17
ID 1115034 Vanilla 30-Nov-18 20-Nov-15
ID 1115035 Chocolate 30-Nov-18 20-Nov-15
ID 1117080 Vanilla 30-Nov-20 04-Dec-17
ID 1117081 Chocolate 30-Nov-20 04-Dec-17
ID 1215000 Chocolate 31-Dec-18 14-Dec-15
ID 1216022 Chocolate 31-Dec-19 15-Dec-16
ID 1216023 Vanilla 31-Dec-19 15-Dec-16
ID 1216024 Chocolate 31-Dec-19 27-Dec-16
ID 1216025 Vanilla 31-Dec-19 27-Dec-16
ID 1216026 Chocolate Peanut Butter 31-Dec-19 27-Dec-16
ID 1216045 Chocolate Peanut Butter 31-Dec-18 16-Jan-17
ID 1216047 Chocolate 31-Dec-18 16-Jan-17
ID 1216051 Chocolate 31-Dec-19 27-Dec-16