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Manufacturer : EFX Sports


Supplement Type:Recovery Formula


Batch Test

Batch Id Flavour Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 1951300 Strawberry Strike 31-Oct-19 10-Mar-15
ID 1981600 Strawberry 31-Dec-19 03-Mar-15
ID 2009300 Strawberry 29-Feb-20 09-Apr-15
ID 2030600 Strawberry 30-Apr-20 05-Jun-15
ID 2030800 Orange 30-Apr-20 10-Jul-15
ID 2058900 Strawberry 30-Jun-20 23-Jul-15
ID 2089000 Strawberry 31-Aug-20 11-Sep-15
ID 2117800 Neutral 30-Nov-20 04-May-16
ID 2117900 Strawberry 30-Nov-20 15-Dec-15
ID 2145500 Strawberry 31-Mar-21 18-Mar-16
ID 2172300 Kiwi Strawberry 30-Jun-21 21-Jun-16
ID 2172400 Fruit Punch 30-Jun-21 24-Jun-16
ID 2180800 Strawberry 30-Jun-21 17-Jun-16
ID 2190800 Fruit Punch 30-Jun-21 28-Jun-16
ID 2191300 Orange 31-Jul-21 19-Jul-16
ID 2199500 Orange 31-Jul-21 14-Jul-16
ID 22006500 Neutral 31-Oct-21 14-Oct-16
ID 2203600 Neutral 30-Jun-21 11-Jul-16
ID 2203900 Fruit Punch 31-Jul-21 25-Jul-16
ID 2204100 Strawberry 31-Jul-21 26-Jul-16
ID 2204300 Orange 31-Jul-21 19-Jul-16
ID 2204500 Blue Razz Watermelon 31-Jul-21 26-Jul-16
ID 2204700 Kiwi Strawberry 31-Jul-21 26-Jul-16
ID 2204900 Neutral 31-Jul-21 13-Jul-16
ID 2205000 Cherry Limeade 31-Jul-21 20-Jul-16
ID 2205200 Neutral 30-Sep-21 05-Oct-16
ID 2205300 Fruit Punch 31-Oct-21 12-Oct-16
ID 2205700 Orange 30-Nov-21 11-Nov-16
ID 2206100 Blue Razz Watermelon 30-Nov-21 02-May-17
ID 2206300 Kiwi Strawberry 30-Nov-21 18-Nov-16
ID 2206600 Fruit Punch 30-Nov-21 09-Nov-16
ID 2206800 Orange 30-Nov-21 07-Nov-16
ID 2207000 Orange 31-Dec-21 30-Dec-16
ID 2207400 Blue Razz Watermelon 31-Oct-21 07-Nov-16
ID 2207600 Kiwi Strawberry 30-Nov-21 21-Nov-16
ID 2223200 Fruit Punch 30-Nov-21 14-Nov-16
ID 2240200 Neutral 30-Nov-21 06-Dec-16
ID 2256600 Strawberry 30-Nov-21 10-Nov-16
ID 2256700 Strawberry 31-Dec-21 20-Dec-16
ID 2256800 Cherry Limeade 30-Nov-21 11-Nov-16
ID 2256900 Cherry Limeade 30-Nov-21 09-Nov-16
ID 2262000 Neutral 30-Nov-21 28-Nov-16
ID 2288000 Fruit Punch 31-Jan-22 03-Feb-17
ID 2288100 Fruit Punch 31-Jan-22 27-Jan-17
ID 2290900 Neutral 31-Jan-22 23-Jan-17
ID 2292100 Cherry Limeade 28-Feb-22 23-Feb-17
ID 2292500 Blue Razz Watermelon 31-Jan-22 23-Jan-17
ID 2296400 Strawberry 31-Mar-22 21-Mar-17
ID 2296500 Blue Razz Watermelon 28-Feb-22 27-Feb-17
ID 2297100 Blue Razz Watermelon 31-Mar-22 24-Mar-17
ID 2299500 Neutral 28-Feb-22 21-Feb-17
ID 2299600 Blue Razz Watermelon 28-Feb-22 24-Feb-17
ID 2300600 Orange 31-Mar-22 07-Mar-17
ID 2307900 Fruit Punch 31-Mar-22 22-Mar-17
ID 2320600 Neutral 31-Mar-22 04-Apr-17
ID 2320700 Neutral 28-Feb-22 03-Mar-17
ID 2320800 Fruit Punch 30-Apr-22 18-Apr-17
ID 2323300 Orange 30-Apr-22 12-Apr-17
ID 2326200 Strawberry 31-May-22 10-May-17
ID 2342400 Blue Razz Watermelon 30-Jun-22 16-Jun-17
ID 2347500 Cherry Limeade 31-May-22 08-Jun-17
ID 2351000 Orange 30-Jun-22 23-Jun-17
ID 2351100 Fruit Punch 30-Jun-22 16-Jun-17
ID 2353300 Neutral 31-May-22 18-May-17
ID 2356000 Strawberry 30-Jun-22 21-Jun-17
ID 2356900 Cherry Limeade 30-Jun-22 20-Jun-17
ID 2360300 Neutral 31-May-22 07-Jun-17
ID 2364300 Kiwi Strawberry 31-Aug-22 07-Aug-17
ID 2385300 Fruit Punch 31-Aug-22 21-Aug-17
ID 2390400 Blue Razz Watermelon 31-Aug-22 05-Sep-17
ID 2393100 Neutral 31-Aug-22 05-Sep-17
ID 2393200 Strawberry 31-Aug-22 30-Aug-17
ID 2395000 Neutral 31-Jul-22 28-Jul-17
ID 2405100 Strawberry 30-Sep-22 15-Sep-17
ID 2406800 Fruit Punch 30-Sep-22 15-Sep-17
ID 2409200 Neutral 30-Sep-22 29-Sep-17
ID 2413000 Neutral 31-Oct-22 16-Oct-17
ID 2413100 Kiwi Strawberry 31-Oct-22 20-Oct-17
ID 2417900 Blue Razz Watermelon 31-Oct-22 30-Oct-17
ID 2423300 Cherry Limeade 31-Oct-22 30-Oct-17
ID 2423400 Fruit Punch 31-Oct-22 02-Nov-17
ID 2435100 Blue Razz Watermelon 30-Nov-22 27-Nov-17
ID 2439600 Orange 31-Dec-22 26-Dec-17
ID 2445800 Neutral 30-Nov-22 30-Nov-17
ID 2446700 Blue Razz Watermelon 31-Jan-23 17-Jan-18
ID 2448100 Cherry Limeade 31-Dec-22 03-Jan-18
ID 2450900 Neutral 31-Jan-23 22-Jan-18
ID 2451000 Strawberry 31-Jan-23 17-Jan-18
ID 2456000 Strawberry 31-Jan-23 02-Feb-18
ID 2456100 Orange 31-Jan-23 02-Feb-18
ID 2460000 Blue Razz Watermelon 31-Jan-23 05-Feb-18