Informed-Sport Partners with iNADO

Informed-Sport Partners with iNADO

LGC has signed a two-year partnership with the Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations (iNADO) to further promote global sports nutrition testing programme Informed-Sport to the world’s sports and anti-doping community. 

Informed-Sport certifies 14 INC Sports Nutrition products

Informed-Sport Certifies 14 INC Sports Nutrition Products

LGC announced today that INC Sports Nutrition, exclusive to its new educational partner Chemist Warehouse, has recently certified 14 sports nutrition products on its globally-recognised banned substance testing programme, Informed-Sport.

LGC’s global supplements testing programme, Informed-Sport, partners with Chemist Warehouse

Informed-Sport partners with Chemist Warehouse


Leading Australian pharmacy chain Chemist Warehouse and international science group LGC have agreed a partnership to develop consumer education and greater industry awareness for the globally-recognised banned substance testing programme Informed-Sport.

Spain’s National Anti-Doping Organisation (AEPSAD) Supports LGC's Anti-Doping Testing Programme Informed-Sport

23 March 2015, Fordham, Cambridgeshire, UK - Spain’s National Anti-Doping Organisation (AEPSAD) has agreed to support the continued expansion of LGC’s anti-doping testing programme Informed-Sport into the Spanish sports supplements marketplace.

International science group LGC has been working with AEPSAD to increase awareness of the risks associated with inadvertent doping as a result of products contaminated with substances prohibited in sport by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

LGC warning for AMP Citrate, the latest risk to professional sport

20 October 2014, Teddington, UK - LGC is monitoring for the presence of AMP Citrate in sports supplements products as the prohibited compound looks set to become the next significant risk to athletes in elite sport.

AMP Citrate – also known as DMBA – is a pre-workout ingredient that has already been identified in a number of sports nutrition products.

It poses a risk to athletes failing an anti-doping test because it has a similar chemical structure to prohibited substance DMAA (methylhexanamine, 1,3-dimethylamylamine).

AIS Supports Launch of Internationally-Renowned Supplements Testing Service for Australian Sport

22 July 2014, Adelaide, Australia - LGC’s anti-doping laboratory has launched their internationally-renowned supplements testing programmes Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice into the Australian marketplace. LGC’s initiative has the support of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice are rigorous risk-minimisation programmes that promote ‘clean’ sport by providing a solution to the issue of inadvertent doping through the use of contaminated sports nutrition.