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Bio-Energy Systems, Inc


Kallispell, MT

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There are thousands of contract manufacturers in the market for your product line.  The Dietary Supplement industry is growing in leaps and bounds.  All manufactures have the same intentions with your formula.  Taking it from an ingredient and transforming it to capsules, powders or tablets then shipping it to you bulk or packaged.  The dark side of our industry is that not all manufactures do it with the quality and integrity your brand deserves.  In the past 4 years, 1 in 2 FDA inspecitons by the FDA have seen signifigant manufacturing practice violations.  1 in 4 inspections result in warning letters.  Currently the Dietary Supplement industry has the highest rate of an FDA regulated industry for non-compliance.  At Bio-Energy Systems, we strive to make it better together with our supplement owners.  We have been through 2 FDA inspections but did not receive any violatons or warning letters.